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Guangdong AOZE Medical Supplies Co., Ltd is a large exporter of medical devices and civilian health protection products in China. The products involve civilian masks, disposable surgical masks, protective clothing, medical masks, thermometers,hand sanitizers,sterilized water, medical gloves and elderly hearing aids and other products.

Guangdong AOZE Medical Supplies Co., Ltd has a professional team of more than 100 people.5 doctors of medical & 5 doctors of Pharmacy, 80% of the employees have college degree or above. We have strong research and development capabilities, quality control capabilities. Ensure that the products we purchase In line with high quality. We have a modern testing laboratory in Guangzhou Science City. The main test equipment are: protective mask breathing resistance tester, protective mask visual field tester, seal testing machine, digital tear tester, etc . modern precision testing equipment.

In order to better assist the global resistance to coronavirus(COVID‑19), we have sufficient inventory products to meet the needs of customers to ship quickly. Our futures stock products include: KN95, LanTian (brand)Medical masks and KangMin (brand) disposable surgery Masks, Yixin brand and SKSS brand medical N95 masks, Are all famous large-scale mask manufacturers.

We have established a good cooperative relationship with Famous medical brand manufacturers. We have a procurement and warehousing and logistics center in China's medical device capital, Changtan,Xinxiang ,Henan provice. We have sufficient inventory and futures orders.Our aim is to provide customers with high-quality products and prompt delivery services. Let us keep healthy and stay away from diseases.